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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

2 months primal today!

2 months primal today :D I am still learning everyday and we still have days where one or both of our children will refuse to eat something new, but they are mostly eating everything.
I have weighed myself once in that time at the naturopath about a month or so ago, but I truly don't care. I have been measuring my waist each day as a little experiment, and I know it goes down without milk, but I am not going to keep measuring daily. Obsessing over numbers is what got me into a bad headspace before, and I am not going back there. The same reason I am not going to track my food intake on my fitness pal or similar. I am eating to hunger, and I no longer stuff myself stupid, and that is huge progress.
Last nights dinner would have been something I would have in the past eaten too much of, but I didn't. My body tells me when I need food, and so I eat, and its def less often than it used to be. The fats are keeping me satisfied for much longer than carbs ever did. I also never get that hunger where I feel like I could eat off my arm like I used to. It comes on gradually, and then I eat. Even after a hard workout I feel amazing, I really am loving this. Nothing can beat it, and I know I will not go back to grains.
The candida seems to be pretty much gone. If I have a little milk my skin does itch again, but butter doesn't do it, so for now, ill keep away from the milk/cream, and see how I go. Nothing really more to report on the progress, but I know this year I will be at my goal weight, whatever that may be, but its not a race, its just about my health, and the weight loss will follow.

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  1. Congrats on your success! The 2 months photos are great! Just saw your post over on MDA.

    I too have stopped 'over' measuring. I put a reminder in my phone once a month, and take them then - but mostly just for reference to look back on :)