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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Lack of self confidence.

Some days I really lack self confidence, but then the next ill feel really good. Yesterday was one of those bad days, which normally would have sent me running to the junk food, and it didn't! So I call that a win.
I decided I would do an extra workout (after a bad run/walk), and there was an attack class on, which I had previously enjoyed, but had not done one in a while. It was fine to begin with but then the studio has a long mirror all the way along the front, and it was making me feel sick watching myself jiggling around in it. It was really affecting my workout, and I ended up walking out half way through, then I almost ran straight into the person who made me want to leave this gym in first place, I almost ran back the way I came, but the only way was back into the class or out of the gym, so I ran out. I don't know why I let this person affect me so much, and I am really trying to not, but its hard. Its time to work on me, and not care about what other people think. I really should talk to this person, but for now ill do my best to avoid her, its what I do best :/ I am very happy it didn't send me to junk food, as pre-primal it would have.

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