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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Friday 30th December

Food for today:
Breakfast: Bulletproof coffee and chicken thigh cooked on the BBQ as requested by my 4 year old :D (marinated in lemon juice, dijon and a little salt and pepper.
Lunch: Was out after all our grocery shopping, and so we went to Outback Jacks (which has grassfed steak), although only my 4 year old had steak LOL, I had chicken, and my husband had fish. We all had salad and a few chips. (Yes chips, they weren't all that nice, but still didn't push me over my carbs for today, so not worried). Not a very exciting meal, but it was nice to eat out after shopping all morning. Its not something we will do often either.
Dinner: Scrambled eggs and bacon I think, but not 100% but I did take bacon out of the freezer. There will be veg of some description, maybe spinach, or maybe sweet potato and zuccinni hashbrowns, but I won't have these, so maybe just the spinach for me.

4 sets of 10 reps total (done as a circuit, one exercise after the other for 2 groups)
Set one:
Two-arm row - 20 kg x 4 sets
Flat dumbbell fly - 5 kg x 2 sets, 6 kg x 2 sets(really gotta work out this upper body more!!!)
D/B lunge - 10 kg each hand x 4 sets
Ballet squat - 20 kg plate x 4 sets

Set 2:
Bent over lat raise on an incline bench - 4 kg each hand x 4 (so bad!)
Tricep dip x 4 sets (body weight only)
Hammer curls - 6 kg each hand x 4 sets
Lying barbell extension - 12.5 kg x 4 sets

It was a good but tough workout, but I really need to push myself harder in the upper body area.

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