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Monday, 26 December 2011

Tuesday 27th December

I was planning to go to RPM this morning with S, but for a change my children actually slept in past 6 am and I missed it. I am quite bummed about it, as I really was looking forward to a good cardio workout, its been a while since ive done it.
My body aches from my last few weight sessions, but its a good hurt, Ive missed it.

Todays food is not terribly exciting, I am not feeling very hungry today, so ill see how I go, I have had breakfast, and if I am hungry when I feed the rest of my family ill eat what I planned.

Breakfast - Beef mince patties, with grated carrot, zuccinni, onion, garlic and a few herbs. Served with bacon.

Lunch - Lamb sausages (preservative free) with steamed veg (I got some pumpkin soup out of the freezer that I made, so I may eat this now, or at dinner).
Dinner - Bacon and eggs (as requested by my oldest) Will serve with wilted spinach.

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