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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Challenges for January

1. To stay Primal 100%.
2. No buying food while out (the only things we buy now is coffees, or whole chickens from Oporto, really not needed, I just need to be more organised on shopping days).
3. Only buy milk and coconut cream from the supermarket (been pretty good with this one so far). Coconut oil and other stuff, eg toothpaste, my facial stuff from health food shop.
4. All the rest of food from farm, and butchery (plus weekly organics which starts up again soon).
5. Shopping once a week only (also been pretty OK with this one as well)
6. Buy nothing new, if anything is needed must be second hand.
7. No spending money on unesseary entertainment, there is always free things to do with the boys.
8. Have Greg take the car every day to the train station until school goes back , and do groceries on Saturday.
9. Walk every day with the boys in the pram to the park to play. (about 3 km or so each way I think).

I think that is it for now.

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