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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Sunday 25th December

Today is Xmas day, but its very low key for us, we don't do santa and only bought our boys a couple of things each, a bike (a trike for my youngest) and a small wooden toy each) both love their bikes.
Bike and trike were bought second hand, this is something I have made an effort to do since going primal. Its a huge step for me, as I would never have done this in my past life. But I am enjoying trying to find bargains when we need things now, as there really isn't much that has to be bought new.

Food for today:
b - Bulletproof coffee (7 am, had my mother and step father coming for breakfast at 9am, so wanted to wait).
Bacon and eggs (one egg for me, as I am still not sure about eggs for me, plus not really hungry)
L - Lemon and garlic chicken
D - Dinner will be leftover chicken and a huge plate of steamed veg, since we have been lacking in that department today.
Snacks for the rest of my family have been watermelon and banana smoothie. No-one seems particularly hungry today.

We spent quite a lot of time this morning helping our oldest ride his bike, and here is the video. This is the first time he has ridden a proper bike, and I am impressed at how fast he picked it up. He has had his balance bike for 2 years, so I put it down to that. Well worth buying one, then skipping the training wheels.
This afternoon we will be going to a big park (where I am running 5.5 km in Jan) so I can run the course, and then we can have a walk/play.

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