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Friday, 30 December 2011

Saturday 31st December

20 km cycle in the fresh air and sunshine in 1hr 16 mins. I really enjoyed it. I saw my first snake in the wild (thankfully dead!!) I really enjoyed the fast parts, and did lots of sprints too. Really quite an enjoyable ride :D I really need to learn to ride my bike properly with the gears though.

Food for today:
Breakfast: Bulletproof coffee, and delicious preservative free lamb sausages with wilted spinach.
Lunch: Roast chicken
Snack for everyone in the afternoon: Smoothie with raw cashews, cream, strawberries, banana and milk. Very thick, and they all loved it.
Dinner: Garlic and onion mince. My oldest loves it, and while he eats it, ill keep making it. There will be leftovers for breakfast with egg tomorrow, since I am making a double batch. This will have grated zucchinni and cabbage in it again.
After my bike ride I had a banana, this will still keep me under my carbs for today :)

New years eve, and it will be just a quiet night at home with the family :)

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