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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Thursday 29th December

Omelet filled with bacon, onion and spinach, and bulletproof coffee for me.
Roasted chicken thigh, plus steamed broccoli and cauliflower. Plus raw carrot for everyone else.
Garlic and lemon mince like last night, but this time I also added zucchini, seems like this amount of mince (500 g) is not enough for a meal for us all as boys were still hungry, so they had some Jalna biodynamic yoghurt and some cheese after. Will have to cook a double batch and keep leftovers for Gregs lunches I think.
Extras: (I rarely need anything else, so when I post here it will be mostly for everyone else, but will add if I have anything like today)
Went out this afternoon, and had a double espresso with whipped cream (and no itching yay!, seems for some reason I can handle cream, but still get itching from milk, not sure why). Greg had a latte with cream, and the boys had a cream babycino. Still cafes can't get this right, I say cream only, and this time it had a little chocolate powder! I still let them have it, since they saw it when I was handed it, but grrr!.  Boys also had raw almonds this morning after our 16 km bike ride (they were in the trailer).

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