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Friday, 23 December 2011

How else our lifestyle has changed.

I already tried to go as organic and chemical free as possible, eg not immunising any of us, avoiding nasty chemical cleaning products and personal care products but not as much as I should have been, but now I use nothing chemical laden or SLS laden.
I don't buy any packaged or processed food, all dressings, sauces etc are made from scratch. We eat all grass fed, organic meat. Organic fruit and veg (although am not as concerned with things with a thick skin being organic, so if I can't get it easily its fine). I try to avoid the supermarket as much as possible, still buy unhomogonised/organic milk and butter from there (a NZ brand, which is from grass fed cows). But once all shops go back to normal next year, will be getting a weekly delivery of those items (or less frequently depending on our needs) I buy the butter to make our own ghee.

Part of killing off this candida is avoiding dairy, I have not gotten to 100% dairy free, as I am still having one coffee a day, but I am working on getting rid of it still. My belly is going down now that I have cut it out a lot. I am measuring my belly daily as an experiment to see how it goes without dairy.

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