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Saturday, 28 January 2012

Still around

3 months primal as of yesterday, and still loving it.
I will update here mostly now, I can't be bothered keeping up 2 blogs.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Still here

Still here and still doing fine. Just can't be bothered posting the same foods all the time.
I am loving Crossfit, and my husband starts going tomorrow as well.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Sunday 22nd January

Sausages and eggs
Watermelon and strawberries
Cabbage and sausage dish (similar to the one with mince)
Pork belly and steamed vegetables.

Probably won't update food everyday as I am sure its getting boring, as its mostly the same but ill see.

Spent all day organising our house, and might go for a bike ride, or ill call this a rest day. Back to Crossfit tomorrow, yay!ds
And my husband is going to start going twice a week too, which is good, he needs to get fitter to keep up with me :p LOL

Friday, 20 January 2012

Saturday 21st January

 Market day today, we got our fruit and veg.
Food for today:
Yoghurt at the market (not me).
Roast chicken and chicken nibbles (spicy for me).
Apples and watermelon
Steak with steamed broccolli and cauliflower.

Our menu is probably going to get boring, as we eat the same things most of the time. Once I find something my boys will eat I tend to stick to it, and not try new things too often, but slowly I will.
Great physio app today too, achilles is pretty good, Ive got some exercises to do for it, and he said I can do a slow jog this week at Crossfit, not sprinting or jumping and go from there. He did lots of work on my back/shoulder area, as I had lots of tension there.

Tonights Crossfit

So my husband came home early for me tonight so I could go to Crossfit again.
It was just me and the trainer tonight, which I was very grateful for as I felt so humilated with my lack of upper body strength :(
Workout was basically halved for me.
It was meant to be:
1.6 km run
30 pullups
30 ring dips
20 pullups
20 ring dips
10 pullups
10 ringdips
1.6 km run
Of course I couldn't do the runs, so I was on the bike for 7 mins in each of the run times and did:
15 pulls ups (rings, as I couldn't do them even with 2 bands :( )
15 ring dips (band assisted)
10 pullups
10 ring dips
10 pullups
10 ring dips

Humilating I tell ya :( At least I can only get better from here on in. It took 22:35

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Friday 20th January

Bike ride tonight.

Leftover sausages, steak and eggs
Cashews, cucumber, carrots, strawberries and cheese
Chicken nibbles, marinated with ghee, garlic and chilli
Smoothie with cashews, dark choc, coconut butter, ice and milk (go need to shopping tomorrow, we are out of everything!)
Something with beef mince and bacon. Probably patties. I think there is some zucchini left to put in them.

Market day tomorrow YAY!

Thursday 19th January

Opps In my efforts to spend less time on the computer I forgot to update yesterday.

Crossfit was working on our 1 RM (rep max) for Bench press. I got up to 40 kg, and failed twice at 42 kg. Yes it was much lighter than everyone else, but its all good. Its still a PR for me. And I can only get better :D
Prob won't be going tonight, as Friday night is cards night at my husbands work but will ride my bike. My Achilles seems OK, but ill get my physio to come tomorrow and check it out. Its still strapped up and I have not run or jumped on it (well except in between exercises at Crossfit Wed night) and it felt OK.

Um can't remember LOL