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Friday, 20 January 2012

Tonights Crossfit

So my husband came home early for me tonight so I could go to Crossfit again.
It was just me and the trainer tonight, which I was very grateful for as I felt so humilated with my lack of upper body strength :(
Workout was basically halved for me.
It was meant to be:
1.6 km run
30 pullups
30 ring dips
20 pullups
20 ring dips
10 pullups
10 ringdips
1.6 km run
Of course I couldn't do the runs, so I was on the bike for 7 mins in each of the run times and did:
15 pulls ups (rings, as I couldn't do them even with 2 bands :( )
15 ring dips (band assisted)
10 pullups
10 ring dips
10 pullups
10 ring dips

Humilating I tell ya :( At least I can only get better from here on in. It took 22:35

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