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Monday, 9 January 2012

Tuesday 10th January

Boiled eggs and fruit (nothing exciting today, no-one was particularly hungry)
Roasted lemon and garlic chicken (huge, which is why its 2 meals) with broccolli and cauliflower.
Once my boys wake up from their nap ill make them a smoothie with banana, strawberries, cashews, coconut oil and milk.

Will be going for a longer ride on my new bike tonight, then a walk (boys on their bikes) with the family.

Went to our butcher this morning who has all the animals straight from the farm to his shop, so no middle man, which makes the prices pretty comparable to the supermarket.  All grass fed, free range, hormone free and organic. They are not supplemented at all, same as the chickens that supply the eggs. We love the sausages from there, they are made with actual meat, and no fillers. Some have herbs and spices depending on the variety.  I got at least 3 weeks worth of meat, our freezer is packed. I spent $358 for around 30 kg of meat, and 2 trays of eggs. That also included 5 kg of nitrate free bacon. I was unsure about eating pork still but we will for now. I got heaps of different cuts of beef, lamb and chicken. I will not need meat till early Feb. Our weekly organic fruit and veg order starts up again this week, so will hardly need to buy anything extra to top up, which means staying away from the shops so YAY, as I hate going there.

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