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Friday, 6 January 2012

New PRs!

Started mark rippetoes starting strength program today.
Squat: 65kg
Deadlift: 70kg
Chest press: 35kg

this has given me a starting point for the new program, there is a spreadsheet for this so when I enter these weights, it tells me what to do for each set for each session. Looking forward to doing this.


  1. Hey
    I am not doing this now, but am going to crossfit now, and I love it!
    We did 1 rep max for bench press last night and I did 40 kg. Not huge but pretty happy with it.

  2. Awesome...

    I think you are in Western Sydney? If so, are you going to Crossfit Penrith?

    I'm going to give SS a red hot go combined with slow cardio for about 60 mins 3 times a week. I got nothing to lose (except a lot of weight!)

    Well done to you.

  3. Yes I am but going to Crossfit Blacktown (which is in Glendenning). Do I know you from MDA? Are you in Sydney too? Starting Strength? Crossfit does a bit of lifting like that. I love it soooo much!

  4. I've only recently started posting on MDA and just started getting primal. I'm in Glenmore Park so Penrith would be closest. I hope you dont mind me contacting you, i was just looking for other primals in Sydney.

    All the best!!

  5. Hey come to Crossfit Blacktown :) its on every night 5pm and 6.30 pm.
    Do you have children too?
    What is your user name on there?

  6. I'd love to...unfortunately I work in the City and don't get home till around 7pm. Luckily i have a membership at Anytime Fitness so I can and train there whenever.

    2 kids who keep us fairly busy with school and everything else whcih makes it hard to adhere to the law of 8 hours sleep!

    My username is kez56...i have one post :)

  7. Ah that is a bummer, they also have a 9.30 class on a sat morning. Not this week though.
    Ill check out your post :)Its awesome to have a fellow primal so close, we should meet up for sure :)