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Friday, 13 January 2012

Love Crossfit!!

Its freaking awesome!
Yes its a hard workout, and short, but its tough.

First we did a warm up, box jumps and step ups. Damn box is bloody scary LOL, so ended up doing it on two plates stacked up. I really have to stop being a chicken!
Then did some stretching, Russ is really big on stretching which is awesome, I don't do enough of it. He then went through the squat and deadlift with me to make sure I had good form, and it seems I do, he didn't correct much.
Then the conditioning part which is the main part of the workout. 5 ring pullups, 10 pushups (knees, as I wasn't getting deep enough on my toes) and 10 air squats, 5 rounds, 5:25. It doesn't seem like much, but damn its hard.
Then more stretching.
I love it, and am so excited I finally started :D

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