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Monday, 16 January 2012

Tonights Crossfit

I love Crossfit and I can't stop smiling. Yes its a hard workout, but I feel so good after :D And its going to be a way where I can challenge myself everytime and face up to some fears (like a box jump!)

Warmup was 5 mins with the skipping rope, and then some stretches.
21,15, and 9 reps
- KB swing (9kg)
- Pushups (Knees)
3:29 was my time, and I wasn't last! :D

Rest 5 mins

- Sprint 1/2 gasser (96m)
- 10 x burpee box jumps (I jumped onto a 20 kg plate, damn box, next time ill get you!!, I got 5, 6 and 6 box jumps, no-one got 10 in the time)
#60 sec work
#60 rest
#5 rounds (I only did 3 rounds, so rested twice as long in between) but I am determined to be doing as much as everyone else, I probably could have, but I think Russ is trying to ease me into it a bit.

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