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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Saturday 7th January

Bulletproof coffee made with ghee, since I am trying dairy free again.
Leftover garlic mince (with zucchini and cabbage)
Picnic while in the Blue Mountains (Roasted chicken, raw carrots and cucumber, raw nuts and strawberries)
Chicken drumsticks (roasted in garlic, lemon and coconut oil) plus salad.

Today we went to the Blue Mountains, it was a nice walk, and was nearly ruined by some nasty woman who didn't want to share space by the creek with us, she kept going on about how her dog bites children.  We ended up going to Scenic World, and catching the train down, and walking for a bit, and then caught the cable car back up. There are much longer walks we can do, which we will do later when we are more prepared. Def looking forward to getting my Bikilas (with a ridged sole) as the smooth sole of my KSOs aren't really suited for bush walks.

Will have another go with my cleats on a bike ride in the morning. I have been looking at new bikes, and this is what I am thinking of getting:
This is currently on sale at Blackmans cycle for $799

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