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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Wednesday 18th January

Left over patties for me *Need to post that recipe too
Pork sausages and eggs for everyone else.
Roasted chicken
Lamb cutlets with broccolli, carrots and cauliflower.
Creamed coconut, bananas, raw cashews, raw carrots and cucumber (for my boys).

Crossfit again tonight woo!
Monday night I took off for a sprint, and thought I strained the back of my ankle, as it hurt a little but was able to continue the rest of the workout.
When I woke on Tuesday morning it was agony to move around. I managed to get an appointment with my physio, turns out I have a slight tear in my Achilles tendon. Bah! He did accupunture, tultrasound and massage, which helped a lot. He has also taped it up and said to leave it like that for a few days. No running or jumping this week (thankfully there is alternatives in Crossfit, so I can still go and do the rest of the workout) Most likely if running is needed ill go on the bike. We just discussed this on Monday for in case my shin splints flare up again. It feels mostly OK today, only a little tender, but am guessing the strapping is helping. I am so annoyed at myself, I can't believe I am hurt again :(

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