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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Wednesday 11th January

Bacon and eggs cooked on the bbq for rest of family.
I had chicken nibbles (I marinated them myself with melted ghee, chilli flakes, garlic and chives), they were sooo good. Also had a bulletproof coffee with ghee.
Max Med naked burrito (Beef, chicken, salsa, lettuce and guacamole, no burrito) The appear to use no nasties, and its all gluten free (well except when you get tacos or nachos etc of course). My boys had a chicken with lettuce, cheese and sour cream on theirs) We were out at the movies, so had lunch out, still not ideal, but we still managed to stay primal. I forgot to ask what oil is used to cook the meat, it says it is slow cooked so maybe none, but will ask next time, but it was a good lunch).
Dinner is sausages and steamed broccolli and cauliflower.
Boys have also had cashews and some watermelon this afternoon.

Tonight will probably be a bike ride, and I will be putting my other pedals on it, I really need to get used to the cleats and stop being such a chicken about it.

If I don't do that ill be going to check out crossfit, yes I know ive been saying that a few times already, and I keep chickening out LOL, but I need to go see it at least.

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