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Friday, 23 December 2011

Saturday 24th December

This morning I did a great workout with S from my old gym. It was tough, but good. I didn't record everything I did today, but will normally, but it was a back and arms workout. I am feeling it now :D
Breakfast - Chicken sausages (preservative free of course) and salad (home made coleslaw) for me, sausages, eggs and bacon for everyone else.
Lunch - Leftover fish pie for me (Homemade, smoked salmon and smoked trout, with coconut cream, and herbs, topped with a little purple mashed sweet potato, zucchini and cauliflower mash).
Dinner - Lamb and steamed broc, cauliflower and wilted spinach.
I don't normally need to snack, but had a few raw cashews and a coffee after my workout.

I am still battling this candida in my system, the main symptoms is the itching in the not so fun places, but I am treating it naturally using:
Oregano oil capsules
Garlic capsules
2 x a day with Apple cider vinegar in water

Also using garlic, tea tree oil, yoghurt and 3% hydrogen peroxide (in water) and not all at once, to treat the main itching. So far its really all helping. I will go back to the naturopath early next year, but really want to kick this infection in the bum!

I promise more pics will come of my food each day too.

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